Model 2452H Two-Axis Hydraulic Target Flight Motion Simulator (TMS)

HWIL testing typically requires the implementation of a two-axis target motion simulator such as the Ideal Aerosmith Model 2452H. This system is configured with hydraulic actuator drives to ensure operational and performance compatibility with Ideal Aerosmith’s Model 2453H-ER Three-Axis Hydraulic Flight Motion Simulator (FMS). This two-axis configuration may be mounted to a separate base or to a base that is common to the three-axis system. The conventional TMS with a gimbal configuration provides azimuth and elevation target motion and all axes intersect at a common point to eliminate parallax with the missile seeker gimbal system located at the 3X FMS intersection of axes.

Contact us to obtain additional performance specifications for the Model 2452H or to learn more about our capabilities and resources to help you meet your program cost and schedule requirements.

  • 2452H
Options available for


  • Custom target payload interfaces
  • Various wire wrap configurations
  • Custom dynamic performance characteristics


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Standard Performance Specification & Features:

Target Payload:
  • Capacity: 154 lbs (70 Kg)
Position Accuracy: ±10 arcsec absolute
Maximum Rate:
  • Target Inner Axis: 100 deg/sec
  • Target Outer Axis: 100 deg/sec
Maximum Acceleration:
  • Target Inner Axis: 1,200 deg/sec2
  • Target Outer Axis: 1,200 deg/sec2
Direct-drive, electro-hydraulic servo system
AERO 4000™ Controller
Front panel display of status and data
Interfaces: IEEE-488, SCRAMNet or VMIC
User-friendly Ideal Aerosmith Table Language (ATL)
Profile Modes for simulating complex motion profiles
Programmable analog inputs and outputs