Initial System Setup

Ideal Aerosmith offers a variety of services to assist customers with the setup of a new system or to help with an existing system.  Isolation pier consulting is offered, which allows Ideal experts to review and provide advice on customer facility drawings and to assist with recommendations for pier construction.  We suggest this service during facility or laboratory planning when purchasing a new system.  By purchasing the Initial System Setup, Ideal personnel will ensure that the table is level, connect all cabling, power up the system, perform a functionality check and review safety features.  With this service we offer the calibration service at a reduced cost.   Ideal also offers training sessions, from basic training to more enhanced software training, which can be selected to fit each customers’ needs.


Ideal Aerosmith recommends yearly calibration service as a form of preventative maintenance.   Investing in the specialized equipment required for calibrating a precision rate table and maintaining their NIST-traceable calibration is typically not cost-effective for most companies.  Ideal experts travel to customer sites around the world performing onsite calibrations.

Calibration tests such as wobble, acceleration and slip ring tests are performed to show the state of the motor/bearings and if the slip ring is noisy, it may require replacement or cleaning.  Tests such as position accuracy and repeatability, as well as rate position and repeatability are completed to verify that the motion table is within factory specifications.  Testing is performed using NIST traceable test equipment.  At the completion of calibration, Ideal will provide test data documentation.

Single, Two and Three Axis tables are calibrated in the field by an Ideal Aerosmith Technician(s).  Smaller units such as Tachometer Testers, Scorsby, Tilt and Turn, and Rate tables can be sent to Ideal’s manufacturing facility for calibration.  Please contact us for an RMA number.

Customized calibration agreements are offered to cover multiple years and a variety of rate tables.  Please contact us for a customized quote that will meet your requirements and quality standards.

Calibration Quote Request