The Ideal Aerosmith story began with avionics test equipment, and it continues to be an important part of our company to this day. Our tables have been recognized as industry standards by aviation maintenance professionals for decades, and they can be found all over the world in facilities that deal with the inspection, evaluation, qualification and calibration of aircraft instruments and components such as gyroscopes, inertial instruments, pressure-sensitive instruments and tachometer indicators/generators.

Product Solutions

Manual Positioning Tables

Ideal Aerosmith’s manual positioning tables are used to test inertial sensors including gyroscopic components, accelerometers and guidance components for various industries including aerospace, aviation, defense, oil/gas and automotive. Specific product solutions include:

1503-24-EN Three-Axis Manual Positioning Table
1+/- arc minute
24-inch diameter
Ideal Aerosmith 1502B-32 Manual Positioning Table
1502B-32 Two-Axis Manual Positioning Table
6+/- arc minute
32 inch diameter
Ideal Aerosmith 1501-24-S45 Manual Positioning Table
1501-24-S45 Single-Axis Manual Positioning Table
10 +/- arc second
24 inch diameter
Ideal Aerosmith - Model 1310 Manual Positioning Table
1310-L Manual Tilt & Turn Table
3 +/- arc minute
8 inch diameter
Ideal Aerosmith Model 1300 Manual Positioning Table
1300 Manual Tilt & Turn Table
6 +/- arc minute
8 inch diameter

Scorsby Motion Tables

Ideal Aerosmith Scorsby motion test tables are an aircraft industry standard designed to simulate the roll, pitch, and yaw motions of an aircraft in flight. Specific product solutions include:

Ideal Aerosmith Scorsby 1421 Motion Table
1421 Scorsby Motion Test Table
20 lbs
20 Cycle
Ideal Aerosmith 9790-BVR Scorsby Motion Table
9790-BVR Scorsby Motion Test Table
500 lbs
60 Cycles

Tachometer Testers

Ideal Aerosmith Tachometer Testers are an aircraft industry standard designed to test and calibrate electrical and mechanical tachometer generators and indicators. Specific product solutions include:

Model 1921 Tachometer Testers
1921 Tachometer Tester
Ideal Aerosmith Model 1790 Tachometer Tester
1790 Tachometer Tester