Ideal Aerosmith manufactures both linear and rotary hydraulic actuators capable of achieving precision performance and reliable operation with minimal preventative maintenance thanks to our unique proprietary designs. We can also provide a customized solution tailored for your specific product and use.

Product Solutions

ActuatorHydraulic Vane Rotary Actuators

Ideal Aerosmith’s HVRS and HVRD line of single- and double-vane hydraulic actuators were developed to be servo-quality actuators, capable of achieving extreme torque and superior hydraulic stiffness. Due to a very low friction-to-torque ratio, axes using these actuators have been able to achieve arc-second positioning accuracy. An additional benefit of these actuators is a high torque-to-weight ratio which stems from their historical application on multi-axis dynamic motion tables. The large load capacities of the integrated bearings allow for no additional axis bearings in most applications.

Hydraulic Vane Rotary Actuator Data Sheet

Hydraulic Linear ActuatorModel HLA-HP Hydraulic Linear Actuator – High Performance

Ideal Aerosmith’s HLA line of hydraulic linear actuators provides an integrated high performance solution for dynamic force generation requirements. Our actuators are designed to meet the performance requirements in high dynamic, structural fatigue and component test applications.

Hydraulic Linear Actuator Data Sheet