Ideal Aerosmith will design, fabricate and deliver a new Single Horn X-Y Target Motion Simulator (TMS) System and install, integrate and demonstrate performance by testing at the customers’ facility. The TMS is based on off-the-shelf components and it is controlled by a field proven Ideal Aerosmith Aero 4000™ controller.

The system consists of a small payload platform which rides on an X-Y TMS. The X- and Y-axes have a ± 60-inch useful range of motion and the TMS resides at one end of an anechoic chamber. An additional positioning system or flight motion simulator resides at the opposite end of the anechoic chamber. The center of the X- and Y axes correspond to the centerline of the positioner or FMS.

Features of the 242E


  • Position Accuracy: ±0.5 inch
  • Maximum Velocity: 20 inch/sec
  • Axis Displacement: ± 60 inch
  • Rack-mounted AERO4000™ Digital Controller
    • Front panel display of status and data
    • Local and remote operation
    • Trapezoidal velocity profiles (in rate mode) with programmable velocity and acceleration
    • Sinusoidal motion generator, with programmable amplitude and frequency
    • Profile mode for position, velocity, and flight (PVA) commands
    • Programmable analog inputs and outputs

Options of the 242E

  • Custom target payload interfaces
  • SCRAMNet or VMIC shared-memory interfaces
  • Various wire-wrap configurations for cables
  • Custom dynamic performance characteristics