Nothing derails productive drilling like a malfunction with your down-hole directional instruments and tools. Trip Guardian™ non-magnetic motion simulators were developed to address this issue before it becomes a problem, saving you time and money by identifying down-hole tool failures before you trip-in. The tables are constructed of aluminum, brass, and phenolic and have three orthogonal axes to enable the instrument to be placed in various orientations.

  • Test magnetometers, gyroscopes and accelerometers before sending them down the hole

    Save time by identifying malfunctions and improper settings above ground.

  • Realistic movement and heat make for accurate results

    Not only does the Trip Guardian use three axes to test your instruments, built-in ovens produce down-hole temperatures for the most realistic simulation you can get.

  • Sensitive equipment that’s anything but delicate

    Using the same technology that is employed in the aviation industry, Trip Guardian simulators are made to minimize magnetic interference. They’re also built to take a huge variety of payloads (up to 108 inches).

  • Easy testing gets you drilling faster

    You don’t need to be a scientist to use a Trip Guardian simulator. With a little bit of training, your technicians will be able to calibrate and verify instruments easily, minimizing delays without slowing down your schedules.

Product Solutions

The 2203-TH-NM by Ideal Aerosmith is a limited rotation system with ±30 arc second position accuracy
Trip Guardian 2203-TH-NM Automated Three-Axis, Non-Magnetic Positioning Table
50 LBS
The 1503-TS-NM by Ideal Aerosmith can be used for the calibration of downhole directional instruments including magnetometers, gyroscopes, and accelerometers.
Trip Guardian 1503-TS-NM-A Three-Axis Manual Non-Magnetic Positioning Table
40 LBS
The 1503-TS-SPL by Ideal Aerosmith is designed to test instruments using the “Total Field Calibration” method.
Trip Guardian 1503-TS-SPL Three-Axis Manual Non-Magnetic Positioning Table
50 LBS