The AERO 4000 controller is the most advanced and capable digital servo controller on the market today. Ideal Aerosmith’s 4th generation digital motion controller was introduced to the market in 2006. Ideal Aerosmith was assigned US Patent # 7,702,400 in 2010 covering some of the key functional building blocks.

The AERO 4000 is designed for Ideal Aerosmith’s next generation of precision Hardware-in-the-Loop Flight Motion Systems, rate table systems and precision centrifuges. Of equal importance, the AERO 4000 controller brings significant benefits to users of older flight motion systems and rate tables. By retrofitting a system controlled by an older analog and first-generation digital controllers with the new AERO 4000, users can gain accuracy, reliability and service life with a new generation controller that has a well-defined future support path built on PC-based components. Even for systems controlled by newer generation digital controllers, upgrading to the AERO 4000 improves reliability while extending the support life.

In the AERO 4000, Ideal Aerosmith continues to adhere to its long-standing philosophy of using COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) technology so that all of its motion-based test systems will benefit customers with the lowest life-cycle cost of ownership.

Features of the AERO4000™


  • Single computer solution for both Inertial Test and HWIL applications
  • Patented architecture enables real-time HWIL capability without a real-time operating system
  • Distributed software architecture provides greater performance/flexibility
  • Distributed hardware architecture reduces wiring while improving accuracy and reliability


  • 40 bit floating point calculations
  • 5.0 kHz frame rate for single axis/optional on multi-axis
  • 2.5 kHz frame rate for cost sensitive multi-axis applications
  • 100 kHz inner control loop for dual loop applications such as Hydraulic actuators
  • Patented method for exchanging data with reflective memory interface at controller frame rate
  • Sinusoidal feedback error correction for smoother rates and more accurate positioning
  • Motor commutation with error correction for smoother rates

Ease of Use

  • Based on Windows® 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB (Long Term Servicing Branch) to minimize operator training
  • C#, Visual Basic® and LabVIEW® VI examples provided to simplify host computer programming
  • IEEE-488, RS-232, and Ethernet remote host interface

Options of the AERO4000™

Optional Modules

  •  GPS or 10 Mhz/1PPS sync input
  • 100 kHz dual loop compensation
  • Reflective memory interface
  • Modular architecture reduces price when advanced options are not required