Ideal Aerosmith is the premier supplier of state-of-the-art, motion systems to support the development, testing and evaluation of inertial navigation devices and guidance systems required by the commercial and defense industries. While we offer a broad line of testing solutions, we can also produce customized solutions tailored for a specific product and use – no matter what the requirements are, no matter what the application is.

One- , Two- And Three-Axis Rate And Positioning Tables

The 2103HTC by Ideal Aerosmith provides precise position, rate, and acceleration motion for development or production testing of military and commercial antenna stabilization systems.Ideal Aerosmith position and rate table systems provide angular position, rate and acceleration motions for development and production testing of inertial components and systems. Our one-, two- and three-axis table systems provide precise stimuli to your test package and accommodate a wide variety of test requirements for rates, accuracies, dynamic performances, payload capacities and environmental conditions.


Ideal Aerosmith’s line of centrifuge systems is used for a broad range of G-testing applications, testing payloads up to 200 lbs (91 Kg) and 1000 Gs. Our centrifuge solutions can be used for aerospace, automotive, geo-technical and military applications, such as qualification testing of accelerometers, inertial packages or safe-arming devices (fuzes).

Linear And Rotary Hydraulic Actuators

ActuatorWe manufacture both linear and rotary hydraulic actuators featuring designs that are capable of achieving highly precise performance.

Three- And Five-Axis Flight Motion Simulators For HWIL

Our flight motion simulation systems include real-time Hardware-in-the-Loop (HWIL) motion control instrumentation, high-dynamic electric and hydraulic flight motion systems, and target motion systems. These advanced systems are used to test infrared, laser and RF guided weapon systems such as missiles and smart munitions.

Aircraft Instrument Test Equipment

Ideal Aerosmith 1501T Manual Positioning TableOur Aircraft Instrument Test Equipment is used primarily for the inspection, evaluation, qualification and/or calibration testing of various types of aircraft instrumentation components such as gyroscopes, inertial instruments, pressure-sensitive instruments and tachometer indicators/generators.

Legacy Product Support

Legacy Motion SystemsWe support legacy motion systems produced by us or by other manufacturers, including Carco Electronics™, Contraves®, Contraves-Goerz, Fecker Systems, Benton, Genisco, Trio-Tech and others. To see our recommendation on a suitable replacement system for a legacy model, click here.