Ideal Aerosmith AERO motion table controllers are designed to control single-axis and multi-axis test tables with unparalleled accuracy and precision. AERO motion controllers are integrated with interface hardware and software to create easy-to-use motion simulation instrumentation, and the Aerosmith Table Language (ATL) provides a simple command that allows test engineers to easily integrate an AERO controller into their application without compromising accuracy or performance. We offer several different models depending on the application and the system requirements.


While each Ideal Aerosmith table system includes a digital motion table controller, the higher performance table systems are integrated with our AERO4000™ Controller.

The AERO4000 is the most advanced and capable digital servo motion controller on the market today. It is designed for Ideal Aerosmith’s current and future generations of precision Hardware-in-the-Loop Flight Motion Systems, rate table systems and precision centrifuges.

AERO4000™ Controller


Ideal Aerosmith's Aero4000 Controller is the most advanced and capable digital servo controller on the market today.
AERO4000™ Precision Motion Controller
5 kHz
1 arc second
Ideal Aerosmith AERO3500
2 kHz
5 arc second