Centrifuge systems are designed to apply a large centrifugal force to a payload. While this can also be accomplished with a single-axis motion simulation table system, a centrifuge is typically required for applications with larger payloads, and/or higher G requirements. Ideal Aerosmith’s line of centrifuge systems is used for a broad range of G-testing applications, testing payloads up to 200 lbs (91 Kg) and 1000 Gs.

Our centrifuge solutions can be used for aerospace, automotive, geo-technical and military applications, such as qualification testing of accelerometers, inertial packages or safe-arming devices (fuzes). We can also service, support and provide upgrades for legacy Genisco and Trio-Tech centrifuges.

Product Solutions

Ideal Aerosmith Model 1221 Centrifuge
1221 Centrifuge System
200 lbs
18 inch cube
0 to 250 G's
Ideal Aerosmith's 1270VS rate table can turn in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.
1231 Centrifuge System
200 lbs
24 inch cube
0 to 200 G's
Ideal Aerosmith Model 1068-1 Centrifuge
1068-1 Centrifuge System
50 lbs
12 inch cube
0-100 G's
1068-2 Centrifuge System
50 lbs
24 inch diameter, 8 inch height
0 -1000 G's