​Ideal Aerosmith’s commitment to exceptional service and support extends long after our products are delivered. Our customers all around the world know that we are relentless in our efforts to provide support that purposefully and consistently exceeds expectations.

From advising customers trying to solve complex technical issues to helping them to locate a spare part, Ideal Aerosmith does not finish working on an issue until it is completely resolved to the satisfaction of all. We offer total life cycle support, including extended warranties, spare parts, repairs, calibrations, field service, training, system upgrades and system refurbishments.

Phone: 1-855-327-6352
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Ideal Aerosmith Support Team

Whether you are troubleshooting a component, looking for spare parts, or just want advice, Ideal Aersosmith’s expert support staff will be there to help via phone support, e-mail or videoconference.

Rod Biever

Specialties: Ideal Aerosmith rate tables and centrifuges (Ideal Aerosmith, Genisco, Trio-Tech)

Dave Eriksson

Specialties: Ideal Aerosmith and Carco Electronics hydraulic systems

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Legacy Motion Systems

Ideal Aerosmith is dedicated to supporting legacy motion systems produced by us or by other manufacturers. We can repair and upgrade existing and legacy systems manufactured by Carco Electronics™, Contraves®, Contraves-Goerz, Fecker Systems, Benton, Genisco, Trio-Tech and others.

Click below on the model number series that you have in order to see our recommendation on a suitable replacement system;

Legacy Motion Systems

If your legacy system is not listed here, please contact us with the make and model of your legacy system that requires support.