Aircraft Evacuation Slides: Preventing Unnecessary Deployment

When testing a passenger aircraft’s evacuation slide, all of its safety-critical components must be thoroughly verified. Equally important is preventing the slide’s accidental deployment. While missing possible malfunctions in safety-critical components could have dire consequences, accidentally deploying the slide during testing would also be very expensive.

If You Can’t Test It, Maybe You Cant-Test It

The testing and calibration of inertial measurement units (IMUs) is a complex endeavor, especially as IMU technology outgrows the capabilities of equipment used in the testing process. With replacement proving to be both costly and time-consuming, Ideal Aerosmith took it upon itself to find manufacturers a feasible alternative.

Putting The Ideal Test Lab To Work

Sometimes, a customer needs a testing solution, but they don’t have the resources (or time) to purchase one. When one of Ideal Aerosmith’s customers was challenged by a tight budget and short timeline, the Ideal Aerosmith team stepped up to help their project succeed.