HWIL testing typically requires the implementation of a two-axis target motion simulator such as the Ideal Aerosmith Model 2452H. This system is configured with hydraulic actuator drives to ensure operational and performance compatibility with Ideal Aerosmith’s Model 2453H-ER Three-Axis Hydraulic Flight Motion Simulator (FMS).  The two-axis configuration may be mounted to a separate base or to a base common to the three-axis system.  The conventional TMS with a gimbal configuration provides azimuth and elevation target motion and all axes intersect at a common point to eliminate parallax with the missile seeker gimbal system located at the 3X FMS intersection of axes.


Features of the 2452H


  • Position Accuracy: ±10 arc sec
  • Axis Orthogonality: 30 arc sec
  • Rate Accuracy: ±0.02%
  • Target Scene Payloads up to 150 lbs (68 Kg)
  • Rack-mounted AERO4000™ Digital Controller
    • Front panel display of status and data
    • Local and remote operation
    • Trapezoidal velocity profiles (in rate mode) with programmable velocity and acceleration
    • Sinusoidal motion generator, with programmable amplitude and frequency
    • Profile mode for position, velocity, and flight (PVA) commands
    • Programmable analog inputs and outputs

Options of the 2452H

  • Various Target Scene Simulator to Axis Intersections are available
  • Systran Corporation SCRAMNet or VMIC shared-memory interfaces