There are a number of advantages to utilizing Ideal Aerosmith’s Gyro Testing, Accelerometer Testing and IMU/INS Test Solutions:

  • Automatic handling of temperature profiles
  • Automatic handling of motion profiles – eliminate errors caused by operator inconsistencies
  • Built-in or customer-provided algorithms to determine calibration coefficients
  • Built-in or customer-provided algorithms to determine polynomials for temperature dependency – coefficients or
    lookup tables
  • Verification cycle to determine residual errors – biases, scale factors, misalignments, non-linearities, etc.
  • Full auditing capabilities of raw and calibrated test data – data viewable in Excel
  • Overall results saved to database and traceable by S/N

Other important characteristics include:

  • Calibrates and tests multiple IMUs concurrently (30 in previous projects)
  • Includes position and rate table, as well as data acquisition and processing unit
  • Based on complete systems, mechanical, electrical and software design
  • Includes innovative high-precision fixture
  • Leverages multithreading and multitasking to significantly reduce cycle time
  • Meets and exceeds Cpk and GR&R acceptance criteria

Multi-Unit Testing Features

Industrial-Strength, Operator-Friendly Interfaces

  • Full association between individual IMUs and their test results
  • Barcode scanner-assisted operator aids for proper installation and disposition of tested IMUs
  • Multilingual support