Sometimes, you need motion simulation but you don’t need to own a motion simulator. Ideal Aerosmith’s Inertial Test Lab (ITL) is a cost-effective solution for customers and projects that require short-term, periodic or custom motion simulation capabilities without the full cost of acquisition and ownership.

The Inertial Test Lab is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and uses a high performance 3-axis rate table with an integrated thermal chamber and a linear shaker to provide turnkey solutions for almost all types of inertial tests, including:

  • Bias Over Temperature
  • Scale Factor Error (including repeatability, asymmetry, and linearity)
  •  Misalignment
  • Allan Variance (including Noise, Angular Random Walk, Velocity Random Walk)
  • Cross-axis Sensitivity
  • Long-term Drift
  • Bias G-sensitivity
  • In-run Bias Stability
  • Turn On/Off Testing
  • Bias Turn-on To Turn-on
  • Vibration Rectification
  • Sine Sweeps, Sine On Random And Similar Vibration Tests
  • Long-term Performance Testing
  • HASS/HALT Testing

This testing-as-a-service offering enables faster development and time to market.  We can help established manufacturers and integrators when production facilities are tied up and new developers with immediate access to inertial test equipment. 


  • Allows testing without the full cost of acquisition and ownership
  • Quick turnaround, as quick as 1 week – enables faster development and time to market for our clients
  • Accommodates short (1 day), one week or longer/periodic testing


  • Enables all types of inertial testing, including Scorsby’s motion, over wide temperature range
  • Accompanying data acquisition system supports most analog and digital outputs
  • Unholtz-Dickie Linear Shaker, capable of shock and vibration testing
  • Different types of testing:
    • Full turnkey solutions: Ideal Aerosmith designs, conducts and interprets tests based on customer input; design and manufacture of electrical and mechanical interfaces; customer provides information on Devices-under-test (DUT) and we return completed tests with report and analysis
    • Autonomous arrangement: the customer is briefed on safety and equipment usage and conducts test with minimal interaction
    • Any other in-between approach to suit customer situation

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