Connecting Aircraft – Concept To Reality In 90 Days

The prevalence of broadband and satellite-based connectivity options that allow airlines and operators to stream and capture data on and off modern aircraft continues to grow. As a result, the need to explore, design and integrate new satellite communication (SatCom) possibilities became an important priority for one Ideal Aerosmith customer.

The Power Of Perseverance

Every so often, a client comes to Ideal Aerosmith with an idea or a project that isn’t quite ready to get rolling. As was the case with a large two-axis position and rate table project; sometimes the best success stories just need a little more time to get written.

Keeping Batch IMU Testing On Track

When calibrating and verifying thirty inertial measurement units (IMUs) at the same time, one catastrophic failure can result in a costly retesting of the entire batch. If one bad IMU is allowed to impact all the others, the efficiency of simultaneous testing suffers. As one manufacturer planned its process, it relied on Ideal Aerosmith to make IMU testing as efficient as possible.

Scaling Up IMU Testing

Precision inertial testing is not a process that is easy to scale up. However, it is much less challenging when you work with the experienced team at Ideal Aerosmith. As one customer was pleased to learn, with innovation and ingenuity, it’s possible to increase throughput without sacrificing quality.

Approaching From A Different Angle

If there is anything you can expect with a large project, it’s that the unexpected will eventually show up to make things interesting. For one of Ideal Aerosmith’s customers, the unexpected came in the form of an inherited line of products – the manufacturing of which required a 1068-1 centrifuge.