Jason Eder

Business Development Manager
jeder@idealaero.com | Phone: +1-701-757-5613

Jason Eder is a business development manager at Ideal Aerosmith. He started with Ideal in 2002 in sales and was quickly handling some of the company’s more sophisticated systems. Eder didn’t work solely in sales, though. For nearly half of his time at Ideal Aerosmith he also served as the primary export compliance officer, a position that took advantage of his organizational skills, work ethic and eye for detail. Today, Eder’s efforts are focused on the success of Ideal Aerosmith’s oil and gas customers, handling approximately 90 percent of the sales related to these industries.

One of Eder’s most unique attributes is his commitment to flexibility and innovation. “I pride myself on being open and honest with our customers,” says Eder, “and the word ‘no’ is not in my vocabulary. Whether it’s regarding price, design or lead times, I’ll try to accommodate our customers any way I can.”