Approaching From A Different Angle

If there is anything you can expect with a large project, it’s that the unexpected will eventually show up to make things interesting. For one of Ideal Aerosmith’s customers, the unexpected came in the form of an inherited line of products – the manufacturing of which required a 1068-1 centrifuge.

Maximizing MEMs

To get the most of their MEM sensors, one manufacturer turned to Ideal Aerosmith to overcome the effects of temperature instability and harmful acoustic noise during calibration.

Upcycled Success

When it seemed like all the possibilities were tapped out, Ideal Aerosmith found an innovative solution for a United States government missile systems contractor by breathing new life into a legacy system. For the main component of this project, Ideal Aerosmith was contracted to develop a complex, high-performing three-axis flight motion simulation (FMS) table designed to test RF seekers used on missile guidance systems. This particular FMS table was so large that it required its own building! Consequently, the lead time for the project was scheduled to be at least 14-16 months, not including any additional time necessary to construct the building itself. In the meantime, the client needed to conduct initial testing before the new FMS table was completed.