Steve Cira

Principal Mechanical Engineer | Phone: +1-701-757-3419

Steve Cira is a principal mechanical engineer with Ideal Aerosmith. Prior to joining Ideal in 2005, Steve developed flight motion simulators as well as custom machinery. Areas of focus included designing and developing tooling and production equipment for the nuclear power, semiconductor and medical device industries. Additional projects included designs for radiation hardening, underwater actuators, and automated equipment for micro-coil winding.

At Ideal Aerosmith, Steve has served as technical project lead for systems requiring the challenging combination of demanding dynamics concurrent with precise positioning. The role has including developing a line of flight motion simulator systems, high power centrifuge systems and an assortment of rotary and linear positioning systems. Steve’s favorite aspect of leading technical projects is directing a practical approach to meeting demanding specifications and guiding the project through all stages leading up to creating a productive tool for the customer.

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