Dennis Whitehead

Sr. Business Development Manager | Phone: +1-412-963-1495

Dennis Whitehead is a senior business development manager for Ideal Aerosmith. He works primarily with flight motion systems, hydraulic motion systems and antenna radome testing at Ideal Aerosmith, serving as the interface between Ideal Aerosmith and its customers.

Whitehead joined Ideal Aerosmith in 1996. Overall, he has more than 30 years of experience with inertial guidance test equipment and flight motion simulation test equipment.

Throughout Whitehead’s time with Ideal Aerosmith, the company has greatly diversified itself both in product offerings and the complexity of those products, and Whitehead’s expertise has grown right along with it. “We are constantly driven by our customers’ creativity and innovation,” he says. “It’s incredibly interesting to see what ideas our customers come up with, and bringing these ideas to life makes us better at what we do.”

Upcycled Success

When it seemed like all the possibilities were tapped out, Ideal Aerosmith found an innovative solution for a United States government missile systems contractor by breathing new life into a legacy system. For the main component of this project, Ideal Aerosmith was contracted to develop a complex, high-performing three-axis flight motion simulation (FMS) table designed to test RF seekers used on missile guidance systems. This particular FMS table was so large that it required its own building! Consequently, the lead time for the project was scheduled to be at least 14-16 months, not including any additional time necessary to construct the building itself. In the meantime, the client needed to conduct initial testing before the new FMS table was completed.