Great Teamwork Makes All The Difference

To ensure that a project gets done right, it always pays to work with an expert.

How we solved it.

the challenge

Ideal Aerosmith was approached by a customer who was expanding its capabilities and needed a calibration lab built from the ground up. This included an automated test table, fixtures, support equipment and calibration software. New to the world of motion testing equipment, the customer looked to Ideal Aerosmith for guidance on creating the optimal setup. Throughout the design phase, the creation of a highly unique calibration software system proved to be especially challenging

the solution

Identifying the need for a process that was robust but easy to use, Ideal Aerosmith’s team worked closely with the customer to develop and manufacture a turnkey calibration system. This included a fully automated Trip Guardian™ three-axis, non-magnetic positioning and rate table with support equipment. By working as a team, engineers from Ideal Aerosmith and experts from the customer’s production crew were able to develop a custom software package to accompany it.

the outcome

Thanks to the synergy that developed between Ideal Aerosmith and its customer, the resulting turnkey calibration system was a success story that everyone involved could be proud of. “It was a truly a group effort,” says Jason Eder, business development manager at Ideal Aerosmith. “This is a perfect example of how a long-lasting business relationship and good communication can pay off for everyone involved.”

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