Marius Gheorghe, PhD

Chief Engineer – Systems Solutions | Phone: +1 623-847-8933

Marius Gheorghe has worked for Ideal Aerosmith since 2008 and today is the company’s engineering manager for test services in the Phoenix, AZ, office. Before joining Ideal Aerosmith, he grew up in Romania, where he was educated in the development of both electronics hardware and software. He worked for several companies, designing test equipment before moving to Canada in 1993 where he worked for an automated testing company. 15 years later, he joined Ideal Aerosmith. Since coming on board, Gheorghe has been instrumental in Ideal Aerosmith’s commitment to providing turnkey solutions for its customers. “It’s extremely important that we offer more than just products,” he says. “By offering comprehensive solutions, we help our customers access untapped potential for their operations.”

With Gheorghe’s all-inclusive approach, it’s no surprise that he has a unique ability to see a project in its entirety, from the big-picture outlook down to the smallest detail. It’s something that he attributes to his inquisitiveness. “One of the most important parts of my job, and one of the things I do best, is asking probing questions,” he says. “It allows me to identify the pointed end of the goal or challenge of our customers. From there I can provide ideas outside of the mainstream and give our customers an advantage.”

Cost-Effective Flight Motion Simulation For Missiles And Their Targets

Typical flight motion simulation (FMS) systems for missiles with infrared (IR) seekers include missile and target simulation subsystems. The seeker “flies” a three-axis table – the missile simulator – whereas a simulation computer “flies” a two-axis positioner – the evading target. When the costs of this process became unmanageable for one aerospace company, they sought … Continue reading “Cost-Effective Flight Motion Simulation For Missiles And Their Targets”

Unconventional Inertial Testing

One of Ideal Aerosmith’s strengths is finding innovative solutions that satisfy the ever-increasing pressure to reduce costs, increase throughput and improve quality. When we were approached by a prominent tool manufacturer about testing specialized tools, which employ IMUs as core measurement instruments, we were ready to help.  

If You Can’t Test It, Maybe You Cant-Test It

The testing and calibration of inertial measurement units (IMUs) is a complex endeavor, especially as IMU technology outgrows the capabilities of equipment used in the testing process. With replacement proving to be both costly and time-consuming, Ideal Aerosmith took it upon itself to find manufacturers a feasible alternative.

Putting The Ideal Test Lab To Work

Sometimes, a customer needs a testing solution, but they don’t have the resources (or time) to purchase one. When one of Ideal Aerosmith’s customers was challenged by a tight budget and short timeline, the Ideal Aerosmith team stepped up to help their project succeed.

Keeping Batch IMU Testing On Track

When calibrating and verifying thirty inertial measurement units (IMUs) at the same time, one catastrophic failure can result in a costly retesting of the entire batch. If one bad IMU is allowed to impact all the others, the efficiency of simultaneous testing suffers. As one manufacturer planned its process, it relied on Ideal Aerosmith to make IMU testing as efficient as possible.

Scaling Up IMU Testing

Precision inertial testing is not a process that is easy to scale up. However, it is much less challenging when you work with the experienced team at Ideal Aerosmith. As one customer was pleased to learn, with innovation and ingenuity, it’s possible to increase throughput without sacrificing quality.

Telemetry Overload

The more that humans venture into space, either with manned or unmanned missions, the more important telemetry becomes to our long-term success. We need spacecraft to send information back to earth so that we can capitalize on our success and learn from our mistakes. To that end, an important player in the burgeoning private spaceflight industry recently worked with Ideal Aerosmith’s Marius Gheorghe and his team to overcome an important challenge – how to transmit and interpret massive quantities of test data at a rate that pushed the limits of modern technology.