Turn-Key IMU Test Solutions Meet Robust Demands of Chinese Market.


An Ideal Aerosmith customer was setting up Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) production facilities in China to meet the booming demand for transportation equipment and industrial equipment, from tractors and bulldozers to mining conveyers and robotics. 

The customer needed to produce enough tested and certified IMUs to keep up with increasing demand, but didn’t have a testing solution to meet these needs. They asked Ideal Aerosmith to design a IMU testing solution that could increase throughput by 2x or 3x current capacity.  

Ideal Aerosmith Solution:

The Ideal Aerosmith team knew they needed a solution that could increase the number of IMUs tested simultaneously, while maintaining the rigorous test standards required for every individual IMU. 

Using available Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment and industry-standard software development platforms, the Ideal Aerosmith team designed a turn-key testing solution that included a motion table with thermal environmental capabilities, as well as data acquisition, that made it possible to run multiple customizable test profiles for up to 30 IMUs at the same time. Ideal Aerosmith’s motion table expertise and cryogenic knowledge were fundamental in designing this modular test solution that could be used for both product development and for mass production. 


The Ideal Aerosmith solution far exceeded the customer’s request to increase throughput by 2x to 3x over current capacity. Initial design was able to increase throughput by 12x. Today, Ideal Aerosmith has further optimized the testing solution to increase throughput by 30x. As a result, the customer was not only able to meet the demands of their initial production contracts, but has been able to increase its market share with other vendors.