Rob Krack

Applications Engineer | Phone: +1-701-757-5620

Rob Krack is an applications engineer for Ideal Aerosmith. He joined the company in 1994, two years before he earned his mechanical engineering degree from the University of North Dakota.

Krack started his career in the engineering department, then moved to more of a sales role in 2005. He deals primarily with maintaining the specifications and pricing for Ideal Aerosmith’s motion testing equipment. He assists customers in product selection and develops proposals. Krack’s favorite part of his job is visiting customers and seeing how they do their work. He is LEAN certified.

“We work hard to keep our customers’ projects moving forward,” he says. “That momentum is important for a positive outcome, and it’s one of the reasons people keep calling on Ideal Aerosmith.”

Approaching From A Different Angle

If there is anything you can expect with a large project, it’s that the unexpected will eventually show up to make things interesting. For one of Ideal Aerosmith’s customers, the unexpected came in the form of an inherited line of products – the manufacturing of which required a 1068-1 centrifuge.