Moses Koyabe

Vice President – Business Development | Phone: +1-623-587-9876

Moses Koyabe is the vice president of business development at Ideal Aerosmith. He has more than 30 years of experience in the aerospace testing industry, working for companies such as THOMSON-CSF, Aerospatiale and EADS until joining Ideal Aerosmith in 2009.

While Koyabe’s background in testing speaks for itself, his unique cultural heritage has also served to help Ideal Aerosmith’s customers become more successful. Having lived on three continents (where he’s become fluent in five languages), Koyabe has developed a talent for integrating himself into any situation. As a result, he excels at navigating complex situations in small and large companies alike, bringing a unique perspective to every business relationship. “A big part of my job is helping my customers to communicate internally so they can more effectively identify their challenges and true objectives,” says Koyabe. “The key is listening, and through my life experience I’ve learned to be an excellent listener. It allows me to put myself at the level of the different parties involved and get a good outside perspective on how a company is set up. From there I can show them a path that will benefit everyone involved.”

According to Koyabe, sometimes that path will include Ideal Aerosmith’s help and sometimes it won’t. “Our focus is on creating long-term relationships with our customers, not selling them products,” he says. “We want them to understand that they can count on us for our guidance, knowing that our motivation is to help them succeed and to help the industry thrive.”

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