Approaching From A Different Angle

If there is anything you can expect with a large project, it’s that the unexpected will eventually show up to make things interesting. For one of Ideal Aerosmith’s customers, the unexpected came in the form of an inherited line of products – the manufacturing of which required a 1068-1 centrifuge.

How we solved it.

the challenge

The manufacturer contacted Sales Application Engineer, Rob Krack, and his team of engineers, and soon a 1068-1 centrifuge was in production. It was the perfect answer to the customer’s newfound testing needs – or so everyone thought.

Just a few weeks before the centrifuge was schedule to be shipped, the customer’s engineering team realized that the machine’s configuration didn’t fit their process. Rather than loading from the top to accommodate the machine’s existing safety enclosure, products would need to be loaded from the side.

the solution

Krack took the challenge to his engineers, and they brainstormed a solution, quickly developing a strategy to completely reconfigure the centrifuge’s safety enclosure to allow the customer to load products from the side. It wasn’t easy, but the reconfigured machine was actually shipped on schedule in spite of the change order.

the outcome

Even with a significant change, the team at Ideal Aerosmith delivered the 1068-1 centrifuge on time. “Feedback from the customer was very positive,” says Krack. “They got exactly what they needed, and the project stayed on track. I’m proud of the folks here who didn’t back down from that challenge.”

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