Putting The Ideal Test Lab To Work

Sometimes, a customer needs a testing solution, but they don’t have the resources (or time) to purchase one. When one of Ideal Aerosmith’s customers was challenged by a tight budget and short timeline, the Ideal Aerosmith team stepped up to help their project succeed.

How we solved it.

the challenge

An Ideal Aerosmith customer needed to evaluate several potential test articles for a new inertial system product line. However, the deadline and budget for the project didn’t allow for the time or costs necessary to order, build and deliver a test system of their own.

the solution

Ideal Aerosmith put its extensive knowledge of inertial sensor testing to work at its Ideal Test Lab in Phoenix, Arizona, evaluating the customer’s test articles on their behalf. Ideal Aerosmith proposed a test plan that guaranteed the observation of all error model parameters, executed the tests according to the plan, then provided the customer with a comprehensive report and supporting data.

the outcome

Ideal Aerosmith was able to evaluate the test articles ahead of schedule and provided a test report that went beyond the customer’s requirements, documenting unexpected test article behavior, providing expert opinions and supplying “bonus” data. “The customer was very pleased with the outcome of this project,” says Marius Gheorghe, engineering manager of test services at Ideal Aerosmith. “They told us that they will return to Ideal Aerosmith for future testing services, and we’re looking forward to solving their next challenge.”

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