The Power Of Perseverance

Every so often, a client comes to Ideal Aerosmith with an idea or a project that isn’t quite ready to get rolling. As was the case with a large two-axis position and rate table project, sometimes the best success stories just need a little more time to get written.

How we solved it.

the challenge

In 2008, a company in the burgeoning UAV industry approached Sales Application Engineer, Rob Krack, and his team about a large two-axis position and rate table. Internal challenges within the UAV company were facing the engineers who needed the testing equipment, but they were confident that they could overcome them and place the order.

A testament to the determination of everyone involved, Krack helped the engineers at the UAV company for nearly eight years as they worked to get approval for their motion table purchase. Hundreds of emails later, the order was finally placed in 2016, but included one ironic caveat considering the undertaking’s lead time: in order to secure funding, the motion table project needed to be wrapped up in just 10 weeks. Normally, a motion table of the size and scope needed would take five to six months to build and deploy. Krack knew that he and his team had their work cut out for them.

the solution

The team at Ideal Aerosmith quickly identified a possible answer. A similar two-axis position and rate table was being used in-house by Ideal Aerosmith’s own engineers, and with a few modifications it could be brought up to the specs needed for testing the client’s products. Krack and his team went to work almost immediately, transforming a more basic table into the perfect motion testing machine for the job.

the outcome

“The key was to help the client maintain traction with their project,” says Krack. “Throughout the whole process we did everything we could to support them as they worked to keep their momentum going.”

In fact, Ideal Aerosmith shipped the massive two-axis position and rate table on July 1, but the client had to put off installation until the end of August. Despite their aggressive timeline, they simply weren’t prepared for Ideal Aerosmith to come through as quickly and successfully as they did. Best of all, the table worked as planned, and after eight years the client’s project finally took flight.

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