Introducing Ideal Aerosmith Model 1291BLX:

  • New model in the proven and reliable 1291 series
  • 400 Hz Bandwidth (best on the market!)
  • Optional 4,000 °/sec max rate
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet channels
  • Backwards compatible with existing 1291BL users
  • Small footprint, immensely customizable
  • Increased Acceleration capabilities

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Ideal Aerosmith Creates Motion Simulation Solutions

We may be best known for our motion testing technology such as rate and position tables, but our biggest strengths come from our team of engineers and experts.  They push the boundaries of innovation to overcome your motion simulation challenges.

Job Opportunities

Centrifuges and Single & Multi-Axis Tables
Gyro Testing, Accelerometer Testing And IMU/INS Test Solutions
Trip Guardian Non-Magnetic Rate and Positioning Tables
Smart Build To Print
Service, Calibration, Repair And Inertial Test Lab
Electronics Test Solutions

Cost-Effective Flight Motion Simulation For Missiles And Their Targets

Typical flight motion simulation (FMS) systems for missiles with infrared (IR) seekers include missile and target simulation subsystems. The seeker “flies” a three-axis table – the missile simulator – whereas a simulation computer “flies” a two-axis positioner – the evading target. When the costs of this process became unmanageable for one aerospace company, they sought … Continue reading “Cost-Effective Flight Motion Simulation For Missiles And Their Targets”