Radome Boresight Error Testing SystemRadome Boresight Error Test Systems (RBETS) are crucial in protecting radar antennas in hazardous environments. Ideal Aerosmith produces multi-axis radome and antenna positioning systems to test radome electro-magnetic characteristics and antenna patterns. The design of our equipment is adaptable to virtually all existing antenna systems, including aircraft, precision strike, search, tracking (conical scan, sequential-lobing, monopulse, interferometer, etc.) doppler, terrain avoidance, navigational, rendezvous, and various special types, including combinations of the above.

To meet the demands of these antennas and their radomes, Ideal Aerosmith developed a variety of antenna-radome motion servo positioners, consisting of two axes and if required, up to six variable axes of motion. This line of positioners can accommodate radomes ranging in size from a few inches in diameter (for evaluating small radomes) up to the 16-foot diameter for testing large aircraft radomes.

Although we can supply a standard RBETS system, our engineers work closely with our customers’ engineers during the “pre-contract” phase of a project to ensure that Ideal Aerosmith’s solution meets or exceeds specific customer requirements.

Radome Boresight Error Test System Data Sheet