The Model 1921 Tachometer Tester is used for the testing and calibration of electrical and mechanical tachometer generators and indicators, specifically handheld models.  Two variable speed brushless motors eliminate the need for gears while providing for a testing range of 10 to 50,000 RPM.  Each motor/shaft is controlled by closed loop system utilizing hall/encoder feedback and a digital motion control card.  The result is a very reliable system with a speed accuracy of 0.005%.

The control panel consists of a LCD back-lit display with keypad entry, illuminated power switch, emergency stop button and a shaft rotating indicator.

Features of the 1921 Tachometer Tester

  • 10-50,000 RPM Actual Drive Speed
  • High accuracy
  • 0.01 Display Resolution
  • Direct Drive
  • Bi-directional
  • Keypad entry with LCD display

Options of the 1921 Tachometer Tester

  • Calibration Kit Available