Ideal Aerosmith’s Model 1501T is a single-axis manual tilt table. Designed for testing an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), this system supports the IMU on the upper mounting surface and additional electronics on the lower mounting surface. The lower mounting surface helps to counterbalance the IMU and minimizes the counterweights required. The system provides optical access to the IMU mirror at the specified heights.

Features of the 1501T

  • Manually operated horizontal tilt axis
  • Position Accuracy: ± 10 Arc-Sec
  • Position Repeatability: ± 5 Arc-Sec
  • Precision-ground anodized aluminum tabletop
  • 35 line user signal

Options of the 1501T

  • A variety of user cable configurations
  • Various connectors for user signals
  • Various tabletop sizes
  • Temperature Chambers for environmental testing
  • For special requirements, accuracies or custom specifications, please contact Ideal Aerosmith, Inc.

Other Manual Positioning Tables

Ideal Aerosmith 1502B-32 Manual Positioning Table
1502B-32 Two-Axis Manual Positioning Table
6+/- arc minute
32 inch diameter
Ideal Aerosmith 1501-24-S45 Manual Positioning Table
1501-24-S45 Single-Axis Manual Positioning Table
10 +/- arc second
24 inch diameter
Ideal Aerosmith - Model 1310 Manual Positioning Table
1310-L Manual Tilt & Turn Table
3 +/- arc minute
8 inch diameter
Ideal Aerosmith Model 1300 Manual Positioning Table
1300 Manual Tilt & Turn Table
6 +/- arc minute
8 inch diameter
1503-24-EN Three-Axis Manual Positioning Table
1+/- arc minute
24-inch diameter