Rising Above The Challenge

Some of the best success stories start with the biggest challenges. Such was the case with a project partnership between Ideal Aerosmith and a client that manufactures technology designed to overcome some of the world’s most critical challenges regarding energy, security, productivity and global urbanization.

How we solved it.

the challenge

It was October, and one of the world’s largest technology companies contracted with Ideal Aerosmith to manufacture multiple Common Inertial Rate Testers (CIRT) and Emergency Detection Systems (EDS). These two systems (based on a common platform) test different product types by measuring very precise inertial reference units, allowing the client to perform design verification, qualification and production testing. They also provide data when repairs or support tasks need to be performed.

However, the client identified some reconfigurations that needed to be made, and the project was put on hold. When the project restarted the following August, it came with not only a scope change (that included additional auxiliary support equipment for the systems), but also an aggressive deadline of the following February.

the solution

A large, complex project involving two unique organizations takes tremendous coordination to succeed. In fact, the more cooperation that can be achieved, the more quickly and accurately the work can be completed. According to Moses Koyabe, vice president for business development and the account manager who oversaw the contract, the success of the project can be attributed to a uniquely concerted effort to forge a team of experts drawn from both the client’s staff and Ideal Aerosmith. “The synergy between the companies was extraordinary. We fine tuned our communication and shared our processes, and the outcome was very positive.”

the outcome

The result was a coordinated effort that felt more like a single crew than two companies separated by thousands of miles. Proof that this approach was successful, the project wrapped up and the client received their CIRT and EDS equipment in December – two months ahead of the deadline.

This early completion allowed the client extra time to integrate their new technology into their internal systems, providing a margin of error that would have otherwise been lost to a tight production schedule. By working with Ideal Aerosmith, not only did the client obtain outstanding, custom-developed motion testing equipment, they gained the peace of mind that comes from a partnership that benefits everyone involved.

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