The Ideal Aerosmith Trip Guardian™ Model 1503-TS-SPL test table is a three-axis non-magnetic manual positioning table. This table can be used for testing magnetometers, gyroscopes and accelerometers as well as complete down-hole directional instruments. The table is designed to test instruments using the “Total Field Calibration” method. This method requires a rigid stand but does not require a high absolute positioning accuracy.

The table is constructed of aluminum, brass and phenolic and has three orthogonal axes to enable the instrument to be placed in various orientations. The outer axis (azimuth) can be positioned every 45° using the shot pin and comes standard with an additional plate for aligning the table to True North as well as Magnetic North.

The middle axis (inclination) has an engraved dial and a brake so the axis can be held in any position. The work surface is attached directly to the middle axis and provides a flat surface for mounting V-blocks to allow cylindrical packages to be rotated about their own axes. Ovens also attach to the work surface to provide the capability to perform testing over a large temperature range.

The usable work space inside the ovens is 4.6W x 72D x 6.7H inches (117W x 1829D x 170H mm) or for longer UUTs, we also offer a three-chamber, 108-inch deep option. Heating is accomplished using silicone strip heaters. The work space is covered by two ovens. Each oven has its own thermocouple and is controlled separately to minimize temperature gradients. The temperature controller is a dual-zone controller and can be configured to have separate set points or a single set point for the two zones.

Features of the 1503-TS-SPL

  • Heating Capacity: 1800 watts
  • Temperature Range: Ambient to 392°F (200°C)
  • Mounting Surface: Standard: 6-inch diameter x 72 inches (152 x 1829 mm) (without V-blocks or channels). 3-inch diameter X 74 inches (with V-blocks)
  • Table Test Load Capacity: 50 lbs. centered
  • Overall Table Dimensions: 30.5W x 82.9D x 58.9H inches
  • Middle Axis Swing Radius: 43.6 inches

Options of the 1503-TS-SPL

  • 300°C high temperature option
  • Various mounting kits
  • Recirculation blower