By Greg Owens, President

Try Before You Buy

Anybody who has purchased a vehicle in their life knows how important it is to take a test drive. It has to “feel” right when we get behind the wheel. It has to deliver on the promises made by the manufacturer. It has to meet all of our expectations.

Test drives are harder in the high-tech world of motion testing. A good number of the tables sold by Ideal Aerosmith are custom-made, and everything we sell tends to be complicated and, for the most part, pretty large. It’s simply not practical to ship a massive two-axis positioning and rate table out as a “demo model.”

On the other hand, if you’ve read the latest Solved It blog by our own Marius Gheorghe, you know that sometimes we are approached by a manufacturer who simply does not have the resources to order a unit of their own (at least not within their project timeline). That’s why we created the Ideal Testing Lab in our Phoenix, Arizona, facility.

At our Ideal Testing Lab, you can rent time on an Ideal Aerosmith two-axis table with an integral thermal chamber and absolute position accuracy specifications of ±1 arcsec. That gives you a ton of test options (motion and thermal profiles, mechanical and electrical fixturing, data acquisition, pass/fail analysis, etc.), and it’s entirely a turnkey affair, so you can perform the tests yourself if you like. On the other hand, our experienced engineers can run the tests for you if you prefer, delivering the results however you like. We can even help out with fabrication and assembly services for your product or prototype.

Not only is the Ideal Testing Lab a great way to perform critical motion tests on your sensitive technology, it’s the perfect way to try one of our test solutions before you order one for your own facility. It’s not quite the same as driving that new sports car you’ve had your eye on, but it’s close.

If you are interested in learning more about our Ideal Testing Lab and what it can do for your company and its products, give us a call here at Ideal Aerosmith. Or read more and arrange a demonstration here.