Sometimes, you need motion simulation but you don’t need to own a motion simulator. The Ideal Testing Lab is an affordable rental solution for those customers who only occasionally require inertial testing.

This lab is located at our Phoenix, Arizona, facility and includes a two-axis table with an integral thermal chamber and absolute position accuracy specifications of ±1 arcsec. It features numerous levels of test options, ranging anywhere from our customers performing their own testing on our tables to Ideal Aerosmith designing and performing the full turnkey test procedure.

Our Ideal Testing Lab Services include: 

  • Table Rental
    Visit our facility and run the tests with the assistance of one of our technicians. Testing will require the use of mechanical and electrical fixturing, which can be supplied by you, or designed and manufactured by Ideal Aerosmith.
  • Testing Services
    You define the testing profile and send the test articles to Ideal Aerosmith. Our trained personnel will perform the test and deliver the results. Data acquisition capabilities can be customized per test application.
  • Full Turnkey Testing
    Consult with Ideal Aerosmith’s Test Engineering team for assistance designing the entire test program for a specific test article, including motion and thermal profiles, mechanical and electrical fixturing, data acquisition, and pass/fail analysis.
  • Fabrication & Assembly Services
    Ideal Aerosmith completes fabrication and assembly services for your product, in addition to the performance of motion and thermal testing.

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