The 2001P Series Automatic Positioning and Rate Table Systems are designed to provide precise position, rate and acceleration motion for the development and/or production testing of navigation sensor systems such as Fiber Optic Gyros (FOG), Ring Laser Gyros (RLG), Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and accelerometers.

The 2001P test table is a servo-controlled system featuring a direct-drive DC brushless motor, precision optical encoder and a microprocessor that provides accurate and reliable motion control.

The table can be operated from the AERO 4000 Controller front panel for local control or through a computer interface for remote control.

Features of the 2001P

  • Position Accuracy: ±1 arc sec
  • Rate Accuracy: ±0.0001%
  • Maximum Rate:
    2001P-10: 1,000 deg/sec
    2001P-30: 3,000 deg/sec
  • Direct-drive, DC brushless servo system
  • Precision-ground anodized aluminum tabletop
  • 14 inch diameter tabletop
  • Fail-safe brake
  • Slipring lines for unlimited rotation
  • Electronics Console for AERO 4000 Controller and Servo Amplifiers


  • LabVIEWTM Virtual Instrument (.vi) driver included
  • GPIB and 100base-T Ethernet interfaces standard
  • Available control languages: ATL (Aerosmith Table Language) and MPACS (Legacy Carco and Contraves Controllers)

Options of the 2001P

  • Integral Thermal Chamber with electric heating and LN2, CO2 or mechanical cooling
    Testing range: -65 to +150 deg C
  • Custom tabletop
  • Higher torque motor
  • Various slipring packages
  • RF Rotary Joint
  • Fiber Optic Rotary Joint
  • Wire-wrap option available for limited rotation applications
  • Vacuum Chamber System
  • Horizontal axis configuration
  • High Speed Reflective Memory Interface

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