The 1572PMO Series Automatic Positioning and Rate Table System is a low-cost, two-axis system designed to provide precise positioning for large payloads for the development and/or production testing of inertial packages and their components.

The 1572PMO Series test table features a servo controlled, direct-drive brushless torque motor on the inner axis with an AERO 4000 Digital Controller. The inner axis can be controlled locally via the Controller interface, or remotely via a host PC. The outer axis is controlled manually and provides precise positioning feedback by way of absolute optical encoder.

In the Ideal Aerosmith line of motion simulation table systems, the 1572PMO Series is considered to be a medium-to-high accuracy system designed for larger payloads and for low-to-medium dynamic performance applications.

Features of the 1572PMO


  • Position accuracy: ±15 arc sec
  •  Limited rotation for both axes
  • Direct-drive, DC brushless servo system
  • 36-inch diameter tabletop
  • Test load capacity: 265 lbs (120 Kg)
  • AERO 4000 Controller
  • Fail-safe electric brakes (inner axis) and stow locks (both axes)


  • .NET interface over Ethernet
  • Front panel display of status and data
  • Local and remote operation
  • Trapezoidal velocity profiles with programmable velocity and acceleration
  • Sinusoidal motion profiles with variable amplitude and frequency
  • Profile Modes for simulating complex motion

Options of the 1572PMO

  • Various slip ring packages or wire wrap configurations
  • Various tabletop diameters
  • Custom hole pattern
  • For special requirements, please contact Ideal Aerosmith regarding system customization