The Model 1291BL Single Axis Position and Rate Table System is designed to provide precise position, rate and acceleration motion for development or production testing of commercial or military inertial sensors. The 1291BL was specifically designed for testing today’s considerably smaller inertial sensors and systems.

Accurate and reliable motion control of the 1291BL test table is achieved with a servo controlled system consisting of a direct drive brushless torque motor, a precision absolute optical encoder, and an internal microprocessor-based motion control card.

Position, rate, and acceleration, as well as motion profiles, are commanded remotely from a host PC (not provided) via the standard RS-232 communication interface. The user can utilize an Ideal-provided LabVIEW Application Program or their own communication software package with Ideal’s software command set to precisely control the 1291BL. The 1291BL utilizes the latest controller technology, configured in a 19 inch rack-mountable servo controller that interfaces to the host PC.

Features of the 1291BL

  • Position Accuracy: ±15 Arc Sec
  • Rate Accuracy: ±0.001%
  • Maximum Rate: 3,000 deg/sec
  • Position Repeatability: ±3 Arc Sec
  • Tabletop Diameter: 8 inches (203 mm)
  • 21 lbf-ft Direct drive brushless motor
  • 34 user lines to tabletop (2A per line)
  • Digital closed loop servo control
  • RS-232 Remote Interface
  • LabVIEW Interface
  • Electric fail-safe brake
  • Brake release switch located on the table
  • Axis Active LED
  • User-friendly Ideal Aerosmith Table Language (ATL)
  • Tests in a Vertical or Horizontal Axis Configuration
  • Precision-ground anodized aluminum tabletop
  • Trapezoidal motion profiles with programmable velocity and acceleration
  • Sinusoidal Motion with programmable frequency and amplitude
  • Capable of querying the current position, velocity, and acceleration
  • Configurable and scalable Analog Input
  • Configurable and scalable Analog Output (1 KHz update frequency)
  • CE Mark

Options of the 1291BL

  • 64 line slip ring package
  • Mating connector kit
  • Wire-wrap option available for limited rotation applications
  • Heavy duty maximum payload option (200 lbs)
  • Vacuum line
  • Position Accuracy: ±8 Arc Sec
  • 14, 18 or 24 inch (356, 457 or 610 mm) diameter tabletops
  • Pedestal for floor mounting
  • Custom mounting hole patterns
  • Tilt stand
  • Temperature Chamber
  • RF and Fiber Optic rotary joints
Ideal Aerosmith's 1291BL Single Axis Rate and Position Table. Shown here with a tilt stand.

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