The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted US Patent # 7,702,400 to Jay D. Marchetti and assigned it to Ideal Aerosmith, Inc. This patent covers key technologies that are the fundamental building blocks of the AERO4000™ motion controller. This patented technology is implemented to provide real-time hardware-in-the-loop profile capability without a real-time operating system. With the real-time operating requirement eliminated, Ideal selected Windows® Embedded as the operating system in the AERO4000™. When selecting a motion controller, it is important that the controller is as technologically advanced as possible for more accurate simulations yet simple to operate and maintain. Until now, in order to support real-time motion profiling, manufacturers have implemented a Real-Time Operating System to guarantee that profiles are executed in a deterministic manner. Ideal Aerosmith’s patented process transfers the data directly from the reflective memory card to the motion control card with the digital signal processor over the PCI bus. This PCI data transfer is performed completely independent of the operating system. The result is a simple controller architecture that contains one PC and one general purpose operating system- Windows® Embedded Standard 2009. This simple architecture is what allows the AERO4000™ to be the industry leader in performance, supportability, and ease of use.

Inventor Jay Marchetti commented on the recent patent, “The granting of this patent is an honor. Moreover, I think it is a tribute to the AERO 4000™ development team’s forward thinking that permeates the product, as well as the company’s determination to see it through to success.”

2003P System
Ideal Aerosmith's Aero4000 Controller is the most advanced and capable digital servo controller on the market today.The AERO 4000™ motion controller is used on both inertial test products and flight motion systems. The AERO 4000™ controller comes as standard equipment on many of Ideal Aerosmith’s products. In addition, it is the controller of choice for upgrading legacy and previous generations of Ideal Aerosmith systems, as well as equipment built by other suppliers. Ideal Aerosmith engineers world-class motion and electronic test solutions. This patent is another example of Ideal Aerosmith listening to our customers’ needs and finding a solution that is truly innovative. Ideal Aerosmith continues to develop new features and enhancements to ensure that the AERO 4000™ controller will remain the industry standard.