TechSAT GmbH, specializing in the design and development of turnkey solutions for the integration, verification and validation of aircraft systems, including related consulting and services, announce a partnership (via the execution of a strategic teaming agreement) with Ideal Aerosmith, a total test solutions integration company with focused expertise in precision motion, flight simulation and electronic testing for the aerospace, defense, oil and gas, space and consumer product industries.

Under this agreement, TechSAT and Ideal Aerosmith will collaborate to extend mutual capabilities in their respective marketplaces worldwide. This new partnership will provide a reliable and competent supplier to the commercial and defense aerospace industries, supporting the development, integration, testing and maintenance of aircraft systems with state-of-the-art equipment and services from the preliminary design/engineering phases to certification, post-delivery and operational support.

“Major aircraft manufacturers and prime suppliers will greatly benefit from this relationship given the solid reputation and reliability of Ideal Aerosmith’s products and services,“ says Bruno Schlecht, managing director of TechSAT GmbH. “We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with such a well-known partner in the Aerospace and Defense sector in North America.”

“TechSAT GmbH has demonstrated a unique and highly competent capability to meet the requirements of the aerospace community,” says Greg Owens, president of Ideal Aerosmith. “Through real-time simulations and products supporting the integration and testing of flight systems, TechSAT brings recognition to Ideal Aerosmith, and through this partnership, the aerospace industry will benefit. We are honored to be partners with such a fine company.”

About TechSAT GmbH
TechSAT GmbH, located in Poing in southern Germany near Munich, is one of the few companies worldwide that have the products and the experience needed to specify, design and build an integrated test facility for a complete aircraft. TechSAT’s core competence and main business segment is the design and development of turnkey solutions for integration, verification and validation of aircraft systems. In this market, TechSAT has succeeded in establishing itself as market leader in Germany with a strong international presence. Due to its unique competencies and its emphasis on teamwork, TechSAT has successfully positioned itself as a global industry leader, with most major aerospace companies as customers. With representations in Europe, USA, Canada, China, South Korea and Japan, as well as a network of partner companies with complementing capabilities, TechSAT is well prepared to serve its customers worldwide. For more information concerning TechSAT GmbH refer to the company’s website: