By Greg Owens, President

I spent the summers of my formative years on a ranch in Texas. If you only know me from business meetings and conferences, I may not seem like a cowboy, but I was something of a ranch hand back in the day.

One of the distinguishing features of this ranch was how incredibly remote it was. We had to drive half an hour just to get to the post office. There was nobody around to help us solve our problems, so we tended to roll up our sleeves and solve them ourselves. Whether it was fixing equipment with parts that weren’t quite right or mending a fence with the materials at hand, ingenuity paid off. If necessity is the mother of invention, then rural Texas is where a lot of those ideas greet the world.

Sometimes I feel like my job today is just an extension of those early years spent on the windswept Texas countryside. At Ideal Aerosmith, we may sell motion testing products, but they are not the crux of our business. Our success pivots on our ability to develop unique solutions to unique challenges. Rarely do we do the same job twice here at Ideal Aerosmith. It seems like each customer needs to test their technology in a slightly different way, searching for a slightly different result.

There is no “one size fits all” answer in the world of multi-axis rate and position motion testing. As a result, each of our customer success stories tends to read a little differently. That’s why we created our “Solved It” series of blogs on our website. Each of them tells a unique story about a customer challenge, an ingenious solution and the successful results. We don’t write them to boast about our accomplishments, we publish them to show the world just how cool our job is.

I am proud of our team here at Ideal Aerosmith. There’s a little of that Texan ranch hand in every one of them. Want to read our latest “Solved It” story? Click here.