By Greg Owens, President

Rarefied Air

One of my favorite places in the world is Colorado. My family spends time there when we can. We like to ski, hike and generally enjoy the outdoors. Our favorite spot to stay is in a deep valley, surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains.

I’m not as much of a hiker as I used to be, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the amazing vistas that reward you when you put in the effort. Ideal Aerosmith’s headquarters is located on the edge of the northern plains. On a clear day I can drive five minutes to a spot where I can see for five miles, not because of its elevation, because there’s simply nothing in the way – no mountains, no forests. Just a horizon that seems to stretch on forever.

Both areas offer a different kind of beauty, and living in North Dakota, I can understand why some of my friends and business associates scrunch up their faces at the idea of a place surrounded by high mountains. I think that they imagine a kind of geographic claustrophobia, closed in by the features of the land itself.

But my love for our Colorado getaway spot is deeper than rock and soil. There’s something metaphysical, psychological – maybe even spiritual – about it, too. Imagine a place where there is nowhere to go but up. It takes work. It takes perseverance. It takes planning. But the rewards for going anywhere are clear and beautiful.

That’s my vision for Ideal Aerosmith as well. As any of our engineers can tell you, we’re never quite sure what direction our customers will take us in next. Look over the “Solved It” blog on our website, and you’ll learn quickly that the only predictable characteristic of our projects is their unrelenting unpredictability. Every day our work takes us to places that we’ve never been, doing things we never thought we’d do.

It’s hard work, but no matter what path we take, the only way is up. I love that about this business, and I know my teammates at Ideal Aerosmith do as well. I also happen to know that most, if not all, of our customers share that same can-do approach to success. It makes a day at the office challenging but rewarding, similar to a long hike in the rarefied Rocky Mountain air.

Have you got a mountain that needs to be climbed? Share your challenge with us, and let’s solve it together.