The newest member of Ideal Aerosmith’s family of rate and positioning tables is the 1281 Single Axis Position and Rate Table System. The 1281 provides precise position, rate and acceleration motion for the testing of inertial sensors. In particular, it excels at testing today’s considerably smaller inertial sensors and systems.

The 1281 replaces the retired 1270VS Single Axis Rate Table, a device that has been in the Ideal Aerosmith line up for many years and has helped countless of customers with their testing needs. The 1281 is similar in weight and dimensions to the 1270VS and comes with the same table top. In most applications, this will allow owners of the 1270VS to transition smoothly to the new 1281.

The 1281 is controlled by connecting a host PC via RS-232 or ethernet. Users can utilize the provided LabVIEW™ Application Program or their own communication software package. In general, the 1281 is a great fit for customers who are looking for more capabilities than the 1270VS, but do not require the high dynamic specifications of our 1291BL, 1621C or 2001P single axis tables.

What Makes The New 1281 Superior To The Retired 1270VS?

  • Improved rate accuracy
  • Positioning capability (+/- 50 arc second accuracy)
  • Higher max rate
  • Ethernet Interface
  • Can be used in horizontal or vertical position
  • Switches from 115V to 230V automatically

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