Manual Positioning Tables are where it all began when it comes to motion testing at Ideal Aerosmith. Utilized to test inertial sensors including gyroscopic components, accelerometers and guidance components, manual positioning tables are used in various industries including aerospace, aviation, defense, oil/gas and automotive.

Over the course of hundreds of projects in last 75 years or so, the engineers at Ideal Aerosmith have developed dozens of variations on the manual positioning table in order to run almost every motion test that can be manually operated by a human being. Not every test requires massive scale or gravity bending speed, after all.  Sometimes a more “hands-on” table is the perfect solution.

The Trip Guardian 1503-TS-NM-A

Examples of popular products include the 1503-24-EN Three-Axis Manual Positioning Table, the 1502B-32 Two-Axis Manual Positioning Table, the 150IT Manual Positioning Table and the Trip Guardian 1503-TS-NMA-A Three Axis Non-Magnetic Manual Positioning Table, built specifically to calibrate downhole instruments for the petroleum industry.

All of them are accurate, durable and easy to operate. But don’t take our word for it, contact Ideal Aerosmith and find out how you can see these tables for yourself.