Radome Boresight Error Test System (RBETS)


Radome Boresight Error Test Systems (RBETS) allow manual and computer automated testing of radome “electro-magnetic” characteristics and antenna patterns over a frequency range applicable to a specific radome design and application. Although a standard RBETS system may be supplied by Ideal Aerosmith, our engineers typically work with our customer engineers during the “pre-contract” project phase to ensure that Ideal Aerosmith’s solution meets or exceeds specific customer requirements.

The radome and antenna positioning systems are multi-axis systems controlled by the field-proven Ideal Aerosmith AERO 4000™ motion controller. Our AERO 4000™ Controller is built upon commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software platforms to minimize cost and delivery schedules, as well as to provide customers with a product that does not lock them into proprietary technology and single-source part vendors.

The primary role of a radome is to protect a radar antenna from a hazardous operating environment. However, the radome itself may contribute detrimental secondary effects to boresight error, boresight error slopes, antenna pattern distortion, and reduction of transmission efficiency, all of which compromise system performance. Therefore, an easy, convenient, and expeditious means to test and evaluate each radome proves to be highly beneficial.

The design of Ideal Aerosmith’s line of antenna-radome boresight and collimation equipment is adaptable to virtually all existing antenna systems, including aircraft, precision strike, search, tracking (conical scan, sequential-lobing, monopulse, interferometer, etc.) doppler, terrain avoidance, navigational, rendezvous, and various special types, including combinations of the above.

To meet the demands of these antennas and their radomes, Ideal Aeromisth developed a variety of antenna-radome motion servo positioners, consisting of two axes and if required, up to six variable axes of motion. This line of positioners can accommodate radomes ranging in size from a few inches in diameter, for evaluating small radomes, up to the 16-foot diameter for testing large aircraft radomes.

A wide variety of RF instrumentation is also available, ranging from C band to Ka band, all with remote control capabilities, to meet varying system requirements.

Contact us to obtain additional performance specifications for the RBETS or to learn more about our capabilities and resources to help you meet your program cost and schedule requirements.


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Standard Performance Specification & Features:

  • High-dynamic range of RF measurement.
  • Precision, servo-controlled mechanical motion.
  • Adaptability to virtually any radar system - sequential lobing, simultaneous lobing (phase and amplitude)
  • Far-field measurements
    • Antenna pattern with and without radome
    • Radome boresight error
    • Radome boresight error slope
    • Radome transmission
    • Radome reflection
  • Data compression and analysis
    • Pass/fail
    • Graphing