Aeroload Simulation System

The Aeroload Simulation System - sometimes referred to as a fin loader - is a general-purpose test instrument that can produce a wide range of rotary position motion, and/or active dynamic torque, to simulate loads that control surfaces, such as fins, experience during missile flight. Many customers use this equipment in conjunction with a multi-axis Flight Motion Simulator, to complete a hardware-in-the-loop test suite for their guidance system article(s).

Accurate and reliable motion control of the Aeroload Simulation System is achieved with a servo-controlled system consisting of direct-drive hydraulic actuators or electric motors and precision optical encoders.

  • Aeroload Simulation System
Options available for

Aeroload Simulation System

  • Guidance and flight control systems testing for small and medium size test articles


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Standard Performance Specification & Features:

Available in vertical or horizontal axis body orientation; single or multi-axis actuator configurations
Electric or hydraulic drive actuators
Rigid structure to ensure operational fidelity
Direct closed-loop control of position and torque
Torque-stiff flexible couplings allow actuator misalignments