Motion Table Testing Solutions for Next-Generation AHRS


An avionics manufacturer contacted Ideal Aerosmith to discuss a new Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) product they were developing for small commercial aircraft and business jets. The company was looking for a motion table testing solution that would enable them to develop a best-in-class product. More important, since this was the company’s first foray into the AHRS marketplace, they were looking for a testing solutions partner who could help ensure that the product they developed would meet or exceed their extremely rigorous requirements.  

Ideal Aerosmith Solution:

Ideal Aerosmith designed and assembled two motion table systems to help the customer with the development of the AHRS product. The customer was immediately impressed not just by the performance of the tables, but also by the customer support they received, and the expertise that accompanied that support. Ideal Aerosmith’s motion table solution allowed the customer to ramp up development quickly, significantly reducing their time to market. Later production models included an improved thermal chamber and test signal line capabilities that improved production throughput. And in a business where downtime is unacceptable, Ideal Aerosmith was able to work around the customer’s development and production schedule to provide calibration support services. 


The customer’s AHRS product has gained significant market share since its introduction. They have since ordered two additional motion table solutions from Ideal Aerosmith to meet their increased production needs. Today, the customer is working with the Ideal Aerosmith team to develop new, more sophisticated motion table solutions to help with the development of their next-generation AHRS product.