Ideal Aerosmith's 2001P is designed for the testing of navigation sensor systems.
2001P Single-Axis Precision Positioning and Rate Table System
1 Arc Sec +/-
14 to 40 inch diameter
Ideal Aerosmith's 1571P is designed for missile or projectile programs.
1571P Single Axis High Speed Position and Rate Table System
10 Arc Sec +/-
10 to 24 inch diameter
The 1621C by Ideal Aerosmith can be operated from the AERO 3500 Commander Controller.
1621C Single Axis Precision Position and Rate Table System
15 Arc Sec +/-
14 to 36 inch diameter
Ideal Aerosmith's 1291BL was specifically designed for testing today’s considerably smaller inertial sensors and systems.
1291BL Single Axis Position and Rate Table System
15 Arc Sec +/-
8 to 24 inch diameter
Ideal Aerosmith's 1270VS rate table can turn in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.
1270VS Single-Axis Rate Table
12 inch diameter