The 1292MA Series Automatic Positioning and Rate Table System is a low cost two axis system designed to provide precise positioning for medium payloads for the development and/or production testing of inertial packages and their components.

The Ideal Aerosmith 1292MA Two Axis Positioning and Rate Table System features a servo controlled, direct drive brushless torque motor on the outer axis with a 1291BL Digital Controller. The outer axis is controlled remotely via a host PC. The inner axis is controlled manually and provides precise positioning feedback by way of absolute optical encoder.

Features of the 1292MA


  • Position Accuracy: ±15 arc sec outer axis
  • Direct-drive, DC brushless servo system (outer axis), manual inner axis
  • Rate accuracy (outer axis): 0.005%
  • 18-inch inside diameter table top
  • Test load capacity: 66 lbs (30 Kg)
  • 1291BL Controller
  • RS-232 or RS-485 interface
  • Fail-safe electric brakes (outer axis) and stow locks (inner axes)
  • 50 line slip ring
  • Labview interface
  • User-friendly Ideal Aerosmith Table Language (ATL)
  • Trapezoidal velocity profiles with programmable velocity and acceleration
  • Sinusoidal motion profiles with variable amplitude and frequency
  • Configurable and scalable Analog Input
  • Configurable and scalable Analog Output (1 KHz update frequency)
  • Sinusoidal Motion with programmable frequency and amplitude
  • Capable of querying the current position, velocity, and acceleration

Options of the 1292MA

  • Various slip ring packages or wire wrap configurations
  • Various table top configurations
  • Custom hole pattern
  • For special requirements, please contact Ideal Aerosmith regarding system customization